Behavioral Health


Matthew Chinman, Ph.D.

Research Health Scientist, VAPHS

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh

Senior Behavioral Scientist, RAND Corpporation

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Faith S Luyster

Faith S. Luyster, PhD

Research Health Scientist, VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System

Assistant Professor, Health & Community Systems, University of Pittsburgh, School of Nursing

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Veterans Health Foundation

Vishwajit L Nimgaonkar, M.D., Ph.D

Associate Chief of Staff & Vice-President, Behavioral Health, VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System

Professor of Psychiatry and Human Genetics, University of Pittsburgh

Director, Program in Genetics and Psychoses, University of Pittsburgh


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Veterans Health Foundation

Armando Rotondi, PhD

CHERP COIN Investigator, VA Pittsburgh

Investigator, Mental Illness Research, Education and Clinical Center(MIRECC), VA Pittsburgh

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Veterans Health Foundation

Adam D. Bramoweth, PhD

COIN Investigator, Center for Health Equity Research and Promotion, VA Pittsburgh

Research Health Scientist and Staff Psychologist, VA Pittsburgh

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