Veterans Health Foundation

Armando Rotondi, PhD

Dr. Rotondi has been a pioneer in the field of creating e-health interventions and using them to provide treatments and supportive services directly to those with severe mental illness and special cognitive needs, as well as their family members. His research program has involved using evidence based practices as a foundation to build e-health interventions that can adapt to individual user needs, and meet the specific needs of persons with severe mental illnesses and their supporters. This work has a focus on facilitating social connectedness, community self-management, and improving well-being. To accomplish this he has used a variety of technologies including personal computers, smart phones, Health Buddy©, websites, mobile phone apps, text messaging, interactive voice response systems (IVR), and land-line phones. These technologies are designed to improve the ease of receipt, and convenience of resources for education, treatment, communications with providers, self-monitoring, symptom management, peer support, and recovery. Dr. Rotondi’s work has included a focus on the development of models to design e-health technologies for those with severe mental illness, cognitive impairments, insufficient technology experience, and low motivation.