Improving Veterans’ Lives Through Research and Education

A proud history of innovative and inspired  Veteran-focused research.

A proud history of innovative and inspired Veteran-focused research.

Who We Are

“The Veterans Health Foundation is an independent, nonprofit corporation devoted to partnering with veterans and the VA Medical Centers in Pittsburgh & Wilkes-Barre, PA and Wilmington, DE in the name of enhancing clinical care through research and education. Though our focus is on medical research to benefit the country’s veterans, the resulting scientific breakthroughs extend to enhance the standard of care for all patients.”

Veterans Health Foundation

I’m so thankful that I decided to join the research study!

Sydnee S.

United States Air Force
Veterans Health Foundation

The cardiac arrhythmia research program is engaged in multiple research studies that aim to discover and refine novel device or drug strategies in the treatment of abnormal heart rhythm. This includes investigator initiated studies as well as studies sponsored by NIH. Industry sponsored studies are also chosen with clear relevance to our overall mission.

Dr. Alaa Shalaby

Director of the VAPHS Electrophysiology Lab
Veterans Health Foundation

Being involved in research at VAPHS gave me more confidence in my healthcare. It was convenient and I didn't have to go out of my way to feel like I was getting extra care.

Robert Gilliand