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Veterans Health Foundation provides pre-award and post-award administrative services for extramurally-funded VA Research and Education projects. We collaborate with VA offices and centers to coordinate research administration services and processes. We assist with, review, and endorse project proposals, negotiate and accept awards and subawards, and issue subawards and other agreements. We also establish and maintain accounts in our financial system to ensure fulfillment of sponsors' financial requirements.

For more information on submitting an application for project funding, please see our Grant Preparation and Submission Guide.

Resources for funding opportunities provided to VA Employees by Veterans Health Foundation

  • Project conceived by investigator
  • Performer defines details and retains scientific freedom
  • Agency support in the form of Assistance
  • Agency maintains cognizance
  • Funds are provided through unilateral funding mechanism
  • Sponsored by government, industry, foundations, other non-profit research institutions
  • Project conceived by investigator and may be refined through discussions with sponsor to create a consensus proposal
  • Performer defines details but sponsor helps shape direction and objectives
  • Performer retains scientific freedom
  • Agency exercises direction and closely monitors progress
  • Funds are provided through and agreement signed by both parties
  • Agreement defines rights and obligations of both parties with regard to conduct of research and rights to use the research outcomes and deliverables