Learn More About Our Clinical Research Center

Learn More About Our Clinical Research Center

A Commitment to Innovation.

The Clinical Trials Center (CTC) is a single portal of resources, expertise, and best practices for investigators and research staff to facilitate efficient, compliant, and ethical study conduct and management.

The CTC provides a location and resources for investigators to participate in multi-therapeutic clinical drug and device trials in accordance with government and industry standards.

Since opening our center in 2007 in Pittsburgh, we have consistently provided the high-quality study results that the best pharmaceutical sponsors require.

The Mission of the CTC is:

  • To promote excellence in the quality of clinical trial management through education.
  • To facilitate effective and timely clinical trial initiation by improving institutional processes and development of clinical trial management tools.
  • To increase awareness of clinical trials in the community through education and community outreach activities.
  • To interface with institutional/industry partners to support clinical research practice.

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