Dandan Sun, M.D., Ph.D.

Veterans Health Foundation

Dandan Sun, M.D., Ph.D.

Investigator Research Interests


  • Biological Researcher, VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System
  • Professor of Neurology, University of Pittsburgh

What are the 3 most important questions that define your research program?

  1. Ionic dysregulation in ischemic stroke
  2. Ion Transporters in brain injury after ischemic stroke
  3. Ion transporters in promoting glioma progression

What are five key words that best describe your areas of interest?

  1. Ischemic stroke
  2. Traumatic injury
  3. Glioma
  4. Ion transporters
  5. ER stress

What are up to 5 technologies, models, methods, analytical approaches or other forms of expertise that characterize your research program?

  1. Focal ischemia model
  2. Traumatic injury model
  3. Glioma tumor model
  4. Primary cultures of neurons, astrocytes, microglia, and glioma