Edward A. Burton, M.D., D.Phil., FRCP

Veterans Health Foundation

Edward A. Burton, M.D., D.Phil., FRCP

Investigator Research Interests


  • Staff Neurologist, VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System
  • Associate Professor of Neurology, University of Pittsburgh
  • Endowed Chair in Movement Disorders, University of Pittsburgh

What are the 3 most important questions that define your research program?

  1. What nerve cells die in Parkinson’s disease and related disorders?
  2. Will therapies targeting alpha-synuclein prevent progression in Parkinson’s disease?
  3. Can high-throughput screening in zebrafish model be used to discover novel drugs for tauopathies and other neurological disorders?

What are five key words that best describe your areas of interest?

  1. Synuclein
  2. Tau
  3. Gene therapy
  4. Drug discovery
  5. Neuroprotection

What are up to 5 technologies, models, methods, analytical approaches or other forms of expertise that characterize your research program?

  1. Viral gene vectors
  2. Drug discovery
  3. Transgenic zebrafish
  4. Molecular biology
  5. Neurophysiology