Cornelius J. Clancy, M.D.

Veterans Health Foundation

Cornelius J. Clancy, M.D.

Investigator Research Interests


  • Chief, Infectious Diseases Section, VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System
  • Associate Professor of Medicine (Infectious Diseases), University of Pittsburgh

What are the 3 most important questions that define your research program?

  1. By which molecular mechanisms does the yeast Candida cause diverse types of infections in humans, and acquire resistance to antifungal agents?
  2. How can non-culture-based diagnostic tests be incorporated into clinical management strategies that improve the outcomes of patients with invasive candidiasis or at-risk for the disease?
  3. How can understanding of the genetics of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae explain the pathogenesis of infections, and identify antimicrobial treatment strategies that are most likely to be effective in patients?

What are five key words that best describe your areas of interest?

  1. Candida
  2. Medical mycology
  3. Enterobacteriaceae
  4. Antibiotic and antifungal resistance
  5. Legionella

What are up to 5 technologies, models, methods, analytical approaches or other forms of expertise that characterize your research program?

  1. Candida and bacterial genomics and metagenomics
  2. Candida and bacterial genomics and metagenomics
  3. Microbiomes at sites of human infection and colonization
  4. Mouse models of Candida and bacterial infections
  5. Bayesian models for non-culture diagnostic testing of fungal infections