Alan Wells, M.D., D.MSc.

Veterans Health Foundation

Alan Wells, M.D., D.MSc.

Investigator Research Interests


  • Staff Pathologist, VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System
  • Thomas Gill Professor of Pathology, Bioengineering, and Computational & Systems Biology, University of Pittsburgh
  • Medical Director of UPMC Clinical Laboratories, University of Pittsburgh

What are the 3 most important questions that define your research program?

  1. How do cells respond to their micro-environment – using the two systems below:
  2. How does the microenvironment dictate the outcome of wound healing?
  3. How does the microenvironment alter cancer progression, metastasis and chemoresponsiveness?

What are five key words that best describe your areas of interest?

  1. Extracellular matrix
  2. Signal transduction
  3. Tumor invasion
  4. Tumor metastasis
  5. Wound healing

What are up to 5 technologies, models, methods, analytical approaches or other forms of expertise that characterize your research program?

  1. Molecular cellular biology
  2. Animal models
  3. Ex vivo all human microphysiological systems
  4. Systems biology and modeling
  5. Cell engineering