Umamaheswar Duvvuri, M.D., Ph.D.

Veterans Health Foundation

Umamaheswar Duvvuri, M.D., Ph.D.

Investigator Research Interests


  • Staff Physician, Section of Otolaryngology, VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System
  • Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology, University of Pittsburgh

What are the 3 most important questions that define your research program?

  1. Molecular changes associated with tobacco-associated squamous cell carcinomas
  2. Why do human papillomavirus associated cancers behave differently from conventional SCCa?
  3. Why do certain tumors remain recalcitrant to surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy? What are the mechanisms of resistance?

What are five key words that best describe your areas of interest?

  1. Carcinogenesis
  2. Treatment resistance
  3. Cellular physiology of Scca
  4. Ion Channels in cancer
  5. Cellular trafficking

What are up to 5 technologies, models, methods, analytical approaches or other forms of expertise that characterize your research program?

  1. Electron microscopy
  2. Mouse models of cancer- including patient derived xenografts
  3. Cellular trafficking of ion channels in cancer
  4. Cellular signaling of receptor tyrosine kinases
  5. Translational approaches using patient samples and clinical trials