Daniel E. Forman, M.D.

Dr. Forman is a Geriatrician and Cardiologist, who has been a thought leader in the rapidly expanding field of Geriatric Cardiology. He has a portfolio of research exploring the dimensions of aging that impact the understanding of and management of cardiovascular disease in older adults. Dr. Forman’s research is oriented both to cellular mechanisms that underlie incidence and distinctiveness of cardiovascular disease in older adults, as well as optimization of cardiovascular therapeutics in older adults. His cellular translational work focuses particularly on mitochondrial energetics in skeletal muscle in older adults with cardiovascular disease and the utility of nitrites, metformin and other novel therapies to enhance physical function. He is also studying new approaches to cardiac rehabilitation and prehabilitation to enhance clinical outcomes of older adults with cardiovascular disease in the context of multimorbidity, sarcopenia, frailty, cognitive impairments, and other geriatric complexities.